The WOW ministry team has some important and exciting news to share about the direction for the 2015 mission.

Our team has been asked and is going to spend a week this summer helping to start a WOW Ski Camp in Vonore, Tennessee.  We are excited about bringing our passions, ideas, and experiences into this new venture as we expand the unique nature of our ministry beyond state lines.

In addition to WOW-TN, we are also organizing several water skiing and outreach events for inner city teens and families.  We are excited about being able to work, water ski, and share our faith with this group.  Many of these individuals have never ridden in a boat, much less skied behind one.

Because of these changes, we have decided not to run a traditional WOW Ski Camp for 2015.  We understand this decision will be disappointing for some, but it was through careful consideration and prayer that we arrived at this decision.  

As an alternative to ski camp, one of our veteran ski instructors, Chris Weavers, is open to starting a small group water ski school.  In this model, Chris and his staff would run 2 ½  hour sets with 4-5 campers spanning two or three days.  The cost of this would be approximately $200 for a 2-day (Tuesday/Thursday) camp and $300 for a 3-day (Mon/Wed/Fri) camp.  This camp will emphasize Christian values and would include a short devotional period.  The dates for this ski school have tentatively been set for the week of July 20th if demand is high enough. Please contact Chris at 5cjweavers@gmail.com if you are interested or would like more information. The Walking On Water mission is strong and we are excited about the new direction God has in store for our team. Please pray for us as we enter into this new journey.

Sincerely, The Walking On Water Ministry Team


The mission of Walking on Water Ministries is to develop the body, faith, and mind by dovetailing Christianity and water sports.  Many people in our 21st century society compartmentalize Christianity into a Sunday morning, at church only, one day per week event.  The staff at Walking on Water feels that God can, and should, be worshiped at all times throughout all activities.  Whether trying to get up on water skis for the first time or walking on water barefoot and backwards behind a tow boat at 38 mph, God is with us and is worthy of our honor and praise.